One is tickled pink!

The Jubilee weekend is finally here! We’re sure the days are going to flyyy by so to make sure we soak up every moment of the festivities (which, by the way, are going to be insane – you know we’ll never see anything like this again in our lifetime, right??!) we’ve found some pinktastic ways to brighten up your Jubilee street party/barbeque/garden party/party in the living room/whatever you’re doing. And we know Her Majesty is a fan of life in the pink because we’ve seen her wardrobe – and it looks good…


Image from Daily Mail


Put your feet up in front of the telly (the best view you’ll get of the Jubilee celebrations, for sure) with a brew in this royally pink mug. Cheers to you, your Majesty. One lump or two?

Image from watchbox



A hot pink cup of Jubilee tea needs a hot pink coaster to keep it company – like this one!

Image from Scarlett Willow



And you should’ve put the tea in the mug first – why not try this one, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Blend in a beautiful pink caddy. Fit for a Queen.


Image from Twinings



Keep the quarters clean and tidy with this pale pink Diamond Jubilee tea towel – one would not be amused by the mess leftover from one’s street party…


Image from James Pirie



Sir Gilbert Scott’s iconic red telephone boxes received a pink sugar-coated makeover from Ryan Callanan to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as part of BT’s ArtBox project and we think they’re just fabulous! Ok, so you might not be getting your hands on a big pink telephone box for your living room but we bet you want to leave your smartphone at home now and swap it for one of these bad boys (and I don’t mean the Beefeaters)

Image from London loves Business

Have a jolly good Diamond Jubilee weekend, pinkertons!

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