Pinkify your morning commute

Image from surfabike

I would guess that many of us here are office workers, with a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, clock in – clock out kind of lifestyle, and if you’re lucky it’s a snappy 15-minute journey to work, barely long enough to feel that morning mooch. But there are some of us that have to endure the dreaded commute to get to work, whether it’s by train, bike, foot or car – and that got me thinking about how we can pink up our tired morning journeys to the office and why PINK is the way forward!  Here are a few reasons why it might be preferable to pink it to work:


1.  Make yourself smile in the morning – there’s nothing like a happy pink motor to put a smile on your face 🙂


2. Make others smile! That’s right, chances are that if your pink car has cheered you up, it’s making others smile too!


3. Make a statement – forget the boring shades of black, blue, red, white, yellow, green and the rest – PINK is sure to make everyone’s eyes pop!


4. Don’t be late – you won’t be able to contain your excitement in the mornings knowing that you’ll be spending the next half an hour spending quality time with your revving pink baby 😉 I bet you’ll be up before your alarm goes off!


5. Share your pink ride – even better than riding solo in your pink motor, car pool with a friend and share the pink love, plus do right by the environment – shiny happy pinkertons 🙂


The list is endless really, because we all know that pink cars are the best – and that’s all the reason we need 😉 Happy commuting!


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