Car Eyelashes

Is Your Car Pretty Enough? Just Released: Pretty Car EyeLashes

Imagine you are on your way to work, or a glitzy party, you walk through the doorway and everyone turns to look at you, only guess what? You forgot your make-up! Now I am sure you are beautiful anyway, but that little extra something helps, we both know it does. Wait, how does this relate to your car? Well your loving car, the one that gets you from A to B, brings you back again and never complains at you, takes you to the shops and doesn’t ever moan, that one, yeah you know, Your Car! It has no glitz. Sorry to be the one to say it, it needs some love, it needs to stand out, it wants to be pretty!

But How? I hear you say.

Enter the latest trend, just released (we found these because of Sali Gray on our Facebook page, thanks Sali!) Car Eyelashes and Eyeliner! Really? Yes really, these wonderful little additions really make your car beautiful, and trust us, they will look great on your car specifically, they can even be curled like real eye lashes!

You want some for Your car?

You can get these below, while stocks last. Picture yourself getting these in the post, putting them on your car, curling them and then driving around town smiling at all of the people checking out your pretty new car! With all orders shipped ASAP you can rest assured you wont have to wait long, what are you waiting for!

Order yours now:

Car Eyelashes [Pair]

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We Want You! Customer Images

You’ve ordered? Great! Now Join the others on facebook! Happy with your new look car? We knew you would be! The most fantastic thing you could do now would be to grab your camera and pop outside to take a few snaps of your shiny new prettified’ car! We are looking for some great shots of your eyelashes so send them in or upload them on our facebook page, we can’t wait to FEATURE your new, prettier car!

Car Eyelashes [Pair]:

The following picture shows the additional extra of Car Eyeliner! We will be putting these up separately very soon! Watch this space (or buy yours now with your car eyelashes for only £12.49 Delivered!!!

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