Have your cake and pink it too

June seemed to be the month of birthdays (in my experience anyway, including my own, the Queen’s and Prince Phillip’s!) and because of this I spent a lot of time scouring the net for birthday cakes, but not just any cakes – PINK CAR cakes. The search results are staggering, who knew there were so many baking/decorating wizards out there? So I thought I’d share some of my best cakey finds that might just inspire you to get baking (or buying) yourself. If you’re anything like me you’ll go weak at the knees at the sight of these beauties, there’s just something about everyday objects being replicated in cake and icing, mmm…


Starting off BIG (and why not), check out this mother of silver-cased cupcake towers, topped off with yet another huge pink cake and sports car! We’re guessing the driver is Daina, and we’re well jel!

Image from PinkCakeBox

We had to do a double take on this one because this Pink Cadillac cake looks scarily like the real thing! Surely too beautiful to eat?!

Image from Purse Forum

What a good idea – his and hers car cakes! A white rally car for him, and a big bright pink hummer for her. Hope they taste as good as they look…

Image from Flickriver

I know it’s another Cadillac cake but I couldn’t resist this one with the newly married couple taking the wheel! A brilliant alternative wedding cake idea for couples that enjoy life in the fast lane.

Image from carcabin

And if you’re not a cake person, how about these adorable pink car cookies instead? Too pretty to dunk in your tea!

Image from Pinterest

One is tickled pink!

The Jubilee weekend is finally here! We’re sure the days are going to flyyy by so to make sure we soak up every moment of the festivities (which, by the way, are going to be insane – you know we’ll never see anything like this again in our lifetime, right??!) we’ve found some pinktastic ways to brighten up your Jubilee street party/barbeque/garden party/party in the living room/whatever you’re doing. And we know Her Majesty is a fan of life in the pink because we’ve seen her wardrobe – and it looks good…


Image from Daily Mail


Put your feet up in front of the telly (the best view you’ll get of the Jubilee celebrations, for sure) with a brew in this royally pink mug. Cheers to you, your Majesty. One lump or two?

Image from watchbox



A hot pink cup of Jubilee tea needs a hot pink coaster to keep it company – like this one!

Image from Scarlett Willow



And you should’ve put the tea in the mug first – why not try this one, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Blend in a beautiful pink caddy. Fit for a Queen.


Image from Twinings



Keep the quarters clean and tidy with this pale pink Diamond Jubilee tea towel – one would not be amused by the mess leftover from one’s street party…


Image from James Pirie



Sir Gilbert Scott’s iconic red telephone boxes received a pink sugar-coated makeover from Ryan Callanan to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as part of BT’s ArtBox project and we think they’re just fabulous! Ok, so you might not be getting your hands on a big pink telephone box for your living room but we bet you want to leave your smartphone at home now and swap it for one of these bad boys (and I don’t mean the Beefeaters)

Image from London loves Business

Have a jolly good Diamond Jubilee weekend, pinkertons!

Pinkify your morning commute


Image from surfabike

I would guess that many of us here are office workers, with a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, clock in – clock out kind of lifestyle, and if you’re lucky it’s a snappy 15-minute journey to work, barely long enough to feel that morning mooch. But there are some of us that have to endure the dreaded commute to get to work, whether it’s by train, bike, foot or car – and that got me thinking about how we can pink up our tired morning journeys to the office and why PINK is the way forward!  Here are a few reasons why it might be preferable to pink it to work:


1.  Make yourself smile in the morning – there’s nothing like a happy pink motor to put a smile on your face 🙂


2. Make others smile! That’s right, chances are that if your pink car has cheered you up, it’s making others smile too!


3. Make a statement – forget the boring shades of black, blue, red, white, yellow, green and the rest – PINK is sure to make everyone’s eyes pop!


4. Don’t be late – you won’t be able to contain your excitement in the mornings knowing that you’ll be spending the next half an hour spending quality time with your revving pink baby 😉 I bet you’ll be up before your alarm goes off!


5. Share your pink ride – even better than riding solo in your pink motor, car pool with a friend and share the pink love, plus do right by the environment – shiny happy pinkertons 🙂


The list is endless really, because we all know that pink cars are the best – and that’s all the reason we need 😉 Happy commuting!


Top 5 Pink Wedding Cars


The sun is finally shining in the UK and it seems it has come out at just the right time as the summer wedding season begins this month – and in the land of Pink Cars, it got us thinking about our favourite chauffeur-driven pink vehicles for the biggest day of a girl’s life. Now, some of us have known exactly what our wedding is going to look like since we were yay-high, whilst others (like me) are overwhelmed by the choices! So whether you’re planning your big day right now or just fantasising about it, we’ve picked 5 of our faves:


1. Classic wedding car


Regal Landaulette

Everyone loves a classic old fashioned wedding car, and you can’t go wrong with this Regal Landaulette with delicate, pretty pink details. We’re in LOVE with the shimmery pink hues (reminds me of pink champagne, ooh) against the perfect cream body, with the open top at the back for the bride and her proud dad. This may be the most beautiful wedding car I’ve ever seen.  And doesn’t the front look like a face…?

Image from Limo-SceneUK


Another classic car with a pink twist – a perfect vintage Beauford in white, that ‘champagne’ pink and a black soft top. Only the bride could look more beautiful than this baby!

Image from Weddingspot


2. Sports car


This racing father-daughter duo look like they’re having the time of their lives zooming to the church on time!  A flashy pink sports car will add plenty of sass, speed and glamour to your big day.

Image from Beautiful Day Brides


3. London ‘Black’ Cab


Putting a huge spin on the classic London black cab – the London pink cab!  And by the looks of it in this pic, in a hotter, much more exotic location than the sometimes dreary London.  Also perfect for a city wedding in the capital!  Either this or a big red bus…(it has been known)


Image from sgdc


We’ve got not one, not two, but THREE pink cabs for your enjoyment!  The second comes in a paler shade with a hint of lilac and mini flower bunches on the wing mirrors – like earrings for your car!


Image from iHampshire

And thirdly, only in Hong Kong would they strap a plush Minnie and Mickey Mouse bride and groom to the front of a bright super-bubblegum pink London taxi!  And fluffy feather bowers in place of ribbons!  We like.

Image from Poptastic Bride


4. Pink Cadillac


Look as cool as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll on your wedding day, cruising in a legendary Pink Cadillac. Ride in the passenger seat as you watch your King take the wheel!


Image from Cadillacs4u


5. Pink Limo


Everyone loves a pink limo – and this Barbie-pink one looks just fabulous outside the church.  And so will you!


Image from Home James Wedding Cars


Looking for something a little more understated?  This lovely ballet-pink shade might be just what you’re after along with a white roof.  You’ll definitely be the belle of the ball arriving in this.

Image from Weddingspot

Charities in the Pink

As you might have already guessed, we’re quite fond of pink over here at PC HQ and it seems that quite a lot of charities are too. Some of the world’s leading charities use pink as their brand identity – I’m sure a few instantly spring to mind (which obviously means pink was an excellent choice) – so we thought we’d take a look at just a few of the pinkiful charities out there and admire their work as well as their pinkness.

Pink is the colour

Pink seems to be the most popular colour amongst many breast cancer charities today, and for the past decade, pink has become universally recognised as a symbol of breast cancer, making it one of the world’s strongest brands – not just in the non-profit world but in general marketing/advertising. That is some real pink power going on. Thanks to the fabulous hues and sexy saturation that make up this beaut of a colour, pink has helped raise worldwide awareness and staggering amounts of money for breast cancer charities everywhere. Here are just a few of the organisations that choose pink as their signature colour:



Images from Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign

Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign are three of the UK’s best-known breast cancer charities – in (at least) three different shades of pink! Breast Cancer Campaign’s biggest fundraising event is wear it pink day, where – you’ve guessed it – you can raise money for the charity just by wearing pink! 2012’s wear it pink day takes place on 26th October. We LOVE the sound of this – better get some serious pink clothes shopping done, only 7 months to find the perfect outfit…


Image from Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK, the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research, puts its own spin on the famous pink ribbon. Did you know that the pink ribbon was first used in connection with breast cancer awareness in 1991 by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, when ribbons were handed out to participants of its New York City race for breast cancer survivors. The next year, the pink ribbon became the official symbol of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which still runs every October.

Image from Asda

Supermarket giants ASDA also take part in some pink ribbon action with a cleverly placed P-shaped ribbon on their pretty logo. The campaign supports Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign (see above) and raised a brilliant £4.2 million in 2011. ASDA even turned some of our favourite groceries pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month last year, including Shredded Wheat, Tropicana and I can’t believe it’s not butter!

And it’s not only breast cancer charities that are in the pink – our Facebook friends at Pink Car Rally take our two favourite things (pink and cars, in case you were wondering) and invite pink car owners to raise money for the Little Princess Trust (which helps children suffering hair loss due to cancer treatments), just by driving their car!

Image from Pink Car Rally

It’s quite amazing what a little bit of pink can do to help save lives. I hope this inspires us all to do our bit for charity. Think pink.

Top 5 Famous Pink Cars

We’re well into the 21st century and thanks to reality TV and the growing power of the media, we’ve never been more fascinated by the rich and famous – their lives, loves and of course, their cars. So we here at Pink Cars feel it’s time to pink our top 5 famous pink cars, in no particular order of course, as every pink car is just as (if not more) fabulous than the next. Judge for yourself…


1. Elvis Presley, 1955 Pink Cadillac Fleetwood 60

Possibly the world’s most famous pink car owner EVER, The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s pink Cadillac seems like it will never go out of style. Elvis bought the originally blue car for his mum in 1955 and re-sprayed it in pink before giving it to her as a gift. Aww, such a good son.


Image from ECommunity

Image from The Worley Gig


2. Barbie, Volkswagen Beetle

The coolest, most fashionable doll ever known, I’d go even as far to define her as The Queen of Pink. She’s owned many pink cars in her time (53 years to be precise, she’s looking good for her age) including convertibles, jeeps (and err, more convertibles) but her pink Volkswagen Beetle is one of the best – and the great thing is, it’s not just for toys, you can own one too!

 Image from whatsonxiamen


3. Lady Penelope, FAB1 Rolls-Royce

Giving Barbie a run for her money in the fabulous books, Thunderbirds’ most glamorous character Lady Penelope always travelled in style in the ‘FAB1’, a modified Rolls-Royce, driven by her beloved chauffeur, Parker. It looks good with a London backdrop, now there’s an idea for the daily commute to work…


Image from Metro


4. Nicki Minaj, ‘Barbie Bentley’ GT

One of showbiz’s newer pink car owners, pink pop princess and Barbie wannabe Nicki Minaj is living it up completely in pink – her hair even matches her car!


Image from chunkit


5. The Simpsons, ‘Pink Sedan’ 1973 Plymouth Valiant

It’s everyone’s favourite family, The Simpsons, and their Pink Sedan – so maybe not the flashiest of pink cars but loved by millions all over the world, and definitely a car that has seen its fair share of life experience since its first appearance in the very first Simpsons episode in 1989. The Family Sedan is holding up well…just about.


Image from flickrhivemind


BREAKING NEWS: Pink car parks to open everywhere!

Yes, the world has finally come to its senses. London’s first ever pink car park is to open in the capital this weekend, especially for the best cars in the city – the pink ones!


The new scheme, launching on Sunday, is taking its cue from a car park in Basingstoke (below) and in the next 12 months, ALL car parks in London will be given a pink makeover, and after that, many other UK cities will follow, including Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff and Glasgow. A representative from the PCPA (Pink Car Parks Association) said: “The hope is to make pink the dominant colour in the UK, followed by Europe and the rest of the world. It will take a bit of time to get round every car park but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all pink by 2020.”


Image from geograph


Norman Woods, chairman of the PAS (Pink Appreciation Society), said it would be “thrilling” to see pink take over the world. “We’ve always felt that pink is the superior of all the colours and now it has finally been proved. Soon, everywhere you look, there’ll be pink. I can’t think of anything better!”


How the new pink car parks will look

Image from fubiz

It is not clear if cars must be pink to be allowed access into the new car parks, but a reliable source commented: “There have been many questions around this issue, but the general consensus is that any non-pink cars may be quickly modified and sprayed in a suitable colour to avoid any pink conflict.”


So what do you think about the new scheme? Would you park your car in the new pink car parks? We’re absolutely tickled PINK!






Sorry to burst your bubble pink car-lovers, this was our first April Fool! But we think pink car parks are a fabulous idea…