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BREAKING NEWS: Pink car parks to open everywhere!

Yes, the world has finally come to its senses. London’s first ever pink car park is to open in the capital this weekend, especially for the best cars in the city – the pink ones!   The new scheme, launching on Sunday, is taking its cue from a car park in Basingstoke (below) and in […]

Hey there, pretty lady…!

We know this photo (above) made your hearts all a-flutter when we posted it a few months ago, so I thought I’d take some inspiration from it and look for some more pretty Pink Ladies with lashes to die for…   I can just imagine cruising through the desert or taking an American road trip […]

Pink is the new ???

Pink Cars now has a ladies motoring Blog! Pic by Andrea Renee Are you a lovely lady? Looking for some pink awesomeness? Well hello! Welcome to Pink, and more specifically welcome to Pink Cars new sparkly Blog! Right here (yes here, you in your seat, looking at this web page on your lovely computer) […]