About Pink Cars

Questioned Proposal
What Is Pink Cars.net All about? Photo by Eleaf

PinkCars.net – the beginning

How did we get started?

PinkCars.net was started a while back in 2007, it seems like only yesterday we were registering the domain name “PinkCars.net” – it seemed so simple and so obvious, ladies love pink cars – so why is no one sharing the pink car love? Did they not like pink cars? Was know one online who really enjoyed a girly motor? We don’t know, but either way it was great timing as we saw enough of you fellow pink car lovers coming to visit that it made us really get started building PinkCars.net into the lovely site you see today.

Since that first version nearly 5 years ago we have gone through a few different designs, switched up our pastel’s for punk pink, gone backwards, forwards, left and right, seen thousands of beautiful pink cars be sold and bought, driven and crashed (oh know!) Its been a great ride, but that’s just the start!

PinkCars.net – Where too?

Where are we going with pink cars? The sky is the limit, or is it? Its a bit of a silly phrase really, but we have seen some pink skies this summer, which is nice. So what are we doing next? Well after this new site design we are going to let the pink dust settle, perhaps sip a lovely pina colada and have a rest. Probably for about 2 hours. What then, I hear you say? Well. Then we are going to ice this cake! We will listen to your voice (yes you!?!), via our sparkley new facebook page, our contact form and comments on our blog. We are going to listen hard and build the pink car website you all wish this was, and my, its going to be fantastic, so stick around!