Pink is the new ???

Heart Attack!!
Pink Cars now has a ladies motoring Blog! Pic by Andrea Renee

Are you a lovely lady? Looking for some pink awesomeness? Well hello! Welcome to Pink, and more specifically welcome to Pink Cars new sparkly Blog! Right here (yes here, you in your seat, looking at this web page on your lovely computer) you will find a growing collection of useful secret tips for ladies motoring, general pink fun and some exclusive pics of your dream pink cars, are you sure you really like pink? If not you better back away, we are pretty in pink here!

So what is this? This post? This one? This is a big HELLO, a wave, a friendly smile. Its a welcoming message and the start of something new! Before this pink cars was just a website about pink cars, it was useful for finding (you guessed it!) pink cars for sale, but after that it really lacked things to do – but no longer! We are the new magazines, we are the ladies scene and we won’t make you feel bad for eating that extra slice of cake (wait what?) We are just getting things sorted our end, but if you would kindly come back in the coming weeks (woooo its nearly Christmas!) then we will have some lovely pink stuff for you to read and enjoy.

Come and get it while its hot! For now join in, Join us on Facebook, sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the Pink Cars homepage, hey, why not even share us with your friends, we are all about the friendly!

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