Top 5 Pink Cars for Mums


It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday 18th March in the UK, so for this month’s first blog post we thought what better way to celebrate than to look at some of the best pink cars out there for our brilliant mums.  Whether you’re a mum that’s sporty, girly, glamorous or cool, we’ve got just the wheels for you!  Here are our top 5 (in no particular order):


1. Mini Cooper

Image from parishotelboutique

Available in as many shades of pink as you can think of, everybody loves a Mini Cooper – and this rich hot pink version with black trim and white roof is a girl’s best friend, and Mum’s too

2. Smart Car

Image from greenspaces

Mum always knows best and would look very smart in this cute pale pink Smart car


3. Range Rover

Image from thesun

Mother-of-three Katie Price customised her 4×4 and gave it a Barbie-pink makeover – this Range Rover is perfect for busy yummy mummies. Not too cool for school!


4. Honda Jazz

Image from motortrend

A great, reliable car from Honda in this pretty rose metallic shade – a beautiful car for a beautiful lady


5. Ferrari

Image from carzi

Gorgeous and glamorous, just like Mum! A fast and furious candy-pink Ferrari 360 Modena Spider – you’d be proud to be seen with Mum in this beauty


Head to head, pink to pink: Mini Cooper vs VW Beetle

Whilst we here at PC HQ live in a world of pink happiness when it comes to motoring, overall, there aren’t that many pink car choices on the market (what is up with that??) but the few that are available to us are making their mark on a global scale and have become pink trademarks – ask anyone to name a famous/well-known pink car and I’m sure you could guess what their answer would be (Cadillac, limo, Homer Simpson’s, etc). So we decided to take two of the world’s leading pink cars and put them head to head (or ‘pink to pink’) and through some pinkiful pictures, ask the question: which car is the most fabulous?

VW Beetle

Image from carsusatoday

The modern classic VW Beetle dipped in bubble gum pink makes for one cute set of wheels


Image from Talking with Tami

Top down, wind in your hair, pink like candy floss – this pretty convertible puts the fab in fabulous


Image from VW Trends

 This 1967 ultimate classic Beetle has been given a pink makeover and modified with other Bug parts to create one truly fabulous creature

Images from CBS and nokaut

 Legend of all things pink, Barbie and her pink Beetle inspired Fiat to create a life-sized motor for all the Barbie-lovers. If it’s good enough for Barbie, it’s good enough for us

Mini Cooper

The pink range of Mini Coopers is utterly endless! Light pink, dark pink, stripes, stars, spots, dots, stretch, patterned – I could go on and on! These are just some of the beauties out there, so pick your favourite!

Image from adavenautomodified

Chic, sleek and effortlessly cool, the pink Mini Cooper is a girl’s best friend


Image from TopSpeed

Well, fancy that – who’ve thought that Paul Weller loved a pink car? So much so that he designed this stripey model especially for Mini in 2010. We love you Paul

Image from camembertkoala

Never forget your roots – and never ever forgetting the old classic Mini back in the day. Still as fabulous as ever

Image from merrittlimo

And last, but not least – no, this isn’t a case of camera trickery or a good use of Photoshop, this is a real pink Mini Cooper limo! So fabulous, that some even come with a hot tub on the back

So there you have it – two beautiful cars in so many ways.  It would be wrong (and not at all impartial) for us to choose between them, so we’ll let you decide.

Cast your vote – which is the most fabulous in your eyes?

Hey there, pretty lady…!

We know this photo (above) made your hearts all a-flutter when we posted it a few months ago, so I thought I’d take some inspiration from it and look for some more pretty Pink Ladies with lashes to die for…


I can just imagine cruising through the desert or taking an American road trip in this beauty – think Thelma and Louise, top down with the wind in your hair!

Image from almostzara

This is my absolute FAVOURITE! What a lovely village setting for one glamorous lady mini – I love the pink accents at the front and on the wing mirrors, and to top it all off and add some extra glamour, even her eyelashes are dipped in pink! If Miss Piggy had a Mini, I’m pretty sure it would look like this.

Image from careyelashes

And for something a little off-topic but just as fabulous…

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Yes, that is a giant pink frilly thong. On the BOOTY of a car (see what I did there). Covered in dust. I’m not sure what’s happening in this picture but hey, in a weird way, I like it!  This is quite possibly the most impressive pink car find to date.  Would you dare sexify your car with one of these little numbers?! Hmm, no, I thought not.

Image from Smosh

Ok, that last one was a bit out there, sorry about that!  But it is quite incredible.  If you’ve seen something you like and now fancy a pair of pretty eyelashes for your pink (or any other colour!) wheels, look no further as Pink Cars has even got a great deal exclusively for our Facebook fans – visit the Accessories tab on our page to find out more. And if you can’t think of anything else but that pink frilly thong, then err, we don’t have any of those I’m afraid – but always open to new ideas and ways to improve our service to you so get in touch!

New year, new car?

2012 is finally here! Whether 2011 was a bit of a mixed bag or your best year yet (mine was the former), we at Pink Cars hope that 2012 brings all good things to all of us! Now, that might include a few of the usual resolutions, and we wondered if one of them would be to treat yourself to a shiny new pink car baby to flash round the town – hell, why not? Or if you’re lucky enough to already own one, maybe some new accessories would be more appropriate. So we’ve scoured the net again for some pretty pink car purchases:

This Renault Twingo pink beauty will be released this month – form a line, ladies!

Image from Which?

 Or maybe you just need something to further pinkify your wheels – like some pink wheels! Radar Tires in the US will donate $1 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every four tyres sold and promises to donate a minimum of $250,000 annually. See, all good things come from those that are pink!

Image from Radar Tires


And for all the mini (small, not Cooper) pink car drivers out there, why not follow in Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor’s footsteps with this classic Barbie convertible – your little one will be the talk of the town!

Image from UsMagazine



This cute little Mini Cooper S ride on in baby pink is going half price right now…

Image from Toys R Us

…and this pretty pink trike for your little princess is also on offer. Ah, to be a kid again…

Image from Toys R Us

I hope I’ve managed to inspire you to make a pink purchase to kick start the new year. If you do shop with ‘pinkspiration’, don’t forget to show us your new purchase by posting a pic on our Facebook page.  Peace out, pinkers. PC <3

It’s beginning to look a lot like Pinkmas…

With only 7 sleeps until the big day, the idea of a pink Christmas has been on my mind, and actually, it’s an experience I’ve never had in all my Christmases past. So I did a little research (retail therapy, ahem – but window shopping, promise) and found a few favourites for my tree/festive living room/car – wherever you like! I’ll let you decide…

As cute as Bambi, but festive, glittery and PINK! I could see this on the dashboard of your pink motor.

Image from Paperchase

A pink glittery friend for your deer, everybody’s favourite festive creature – a pinkguin! Think Mumble at a Christmas party…

Image from Paperchase

Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what this sweet little decoration is surely made of…

Image from M&S

And of course, you’ll need a pink tree to hang your decorations on! This cute little foot-high beauty is perfect in every way.

Image from Paperchase

Hopefully I’ve given you some pink inspiration for this Christmas.  I’ll certainly be embracing the pinkness more over the festive season – in fact, I’m keeping my eyes peeled in the pre- and post-Christmas sales… Merry Pinkmas, everyone!


Pink is the new ???

Heart Attack!!
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